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The Barrel Shepherd

Zufty - New Release

Zufty - New Release

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Three burgundy barrels aged 18 months, selectively chosen for their subdued acidity, minerality and solid expressions of funk, were added to tree ripened and juicy rich lady peaches sourced from Orange.  Like all of our stone fruit releases, the peaches were given an extended carbonic maceration before adding the beer.  On the nose, intense aromas of peach puree and peach cobbler. Flavours of, you guessed it, more peach, with a wonderful backbone of farmhouse funk. Medium-bodied, sparkling effervescence, soft acidity basking in careful balance with the vanilla and woody character imparted from barrel aging.

A lot of people have asked where the name Zufty came from… well, truth be told, we love a bit of fun in the ‘beer-naming-department’ here at Barrel Shepherd HQ. ‘Zuft’ means ‘juice’ in German, and as the peaches were exploding with juicy-ness we added some essence of Australia by adding a ‘y’ on the end, hence ZUFTY!

Total ageing time 23 months
Bottle conditioned 6 months

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