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The Barrel Shepherd

The Year of Magical Thinking

The Year of Magical Thinking

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The Year of Magical Thinking

Barrel Fermented Sour Kölsch

This beer was imagined into being during a a particularly challenging year for us.  It was hard on so many levels, but we got through  (yeh!✌🏽) by doing a lot of clichéd ‘soul searching’, sheer grit and a fantastical amount of magical thinking ✨

We made this by barrel aging our base Kölsch ‘Otto’ then dry hopping it with whole cone hops from Ryefields Hops in Bemboka. Using whole cone hops is a classical yet unique approach to modern brewing. Advanced technologies and techniques have led beer and brewing away from whole hops and toward more highly processed hop pellets and other hop derivatives. Whole cone  brewing embraces the entirety of the hop berries and we believe the payoff is a richer and more brilliant beer overall!

This beer is the liquid embodiment of all things summer 🌼 Delicate floral notes, a little citrus and a sprinkling of zest combine harmoniously. Dry finish.

Barrel aged 16 months
Bottle conditioned a further 5 months

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